Monday, April 11, 2016

Ares Wizard URL Updated!

url for ares wizard updated
  Ares Wizard may be the most powerful tool to Kodi enthusiasts in 2016! Ares Wizard is a program add-on for Kodi that enables the user to install custom builds of Kodi as well as individual add-ons, tweaks and more. Customs builds of Kodi are great because they come pre compiled with the best add-ons, live streams and custom skins.

  As we all know Kodi is a never ending updatable open source App and with a vast community of building add-ons, of coarse you will need to update once in awhile
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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Top 5 Kodi Video Add-ons in 2015

top 5 kodi video add-ons

 Kodi 14 Helix formerly ''XBMC'' is a free open-source media player that is becoming more and more popular everyday with its amazing compatibility, features and of course add-ons. There is a mass collection of add-ons for kodi that sometimes makes it hard to find the best ones. Here is my list of the Top 5 Kodi Video Add-ons in 2015.

 As always I Have included the URL HTTP Source for all video Add-ons listed. If you don't know how to add the HTTP source to Kodi watch the video below.

How to install Add-ons from URL:

1. 1Channel

1channel kodi icon
  1Channel Add-on for kodi has been around from the beginning of the Xbmc days and is Still one of my top Add-ons used daily because of it liability and ease of use. 1channel has a huge variety of Movies and TV shows that are updated daily with lots of links to choose from. 1channel currently runs of the Primewire server Unfortunately 1Channel is blocked in the UK. 

1channel kodi


2. Genesis

genesis kodi iconGenesis Add-on for Kodi is almost like 1Channel with TV shows and Movies. Definitely a must have second Add-on to 1Channel. Genesis has a few more features then 1Channel and larger list of links for streams. Genesis Also included Hd Links. Genesis hasn't been around for very long but sure has proved it self in the world of kodi video add-ons. Genesis makes second best in my Top 5 Kodi Video Add-ons in 2015

genesis kodi 2015


 3. Navi-X

Navi-x kodi icon   Navi-X is one of the oldest third party add-ons for Xbmc and is still a widely used add-on used in Kodi. Navi-X is currently running on version 4.0 and works very well in Kodi 14 helix. Navi-X is running on new servers in 2015 and has faster waiting times then previous versions. Navi-X ranks third in my list of top 5 Kodi video add-ons because of its massive collection of Movies, TV shows and Live Streams from all around the world. definitely a great tool for streaming that hard to find content.

navix for kodi


4. Phoenix

Phoenix icon kodiPhoenix Add-on for Kodi is the newest live streaming add-on in 2015 replacing is predecessor Mash Up. Mash Up add-on for Xbmc retired in late 2014 thus leaving dedicated playlist makers with no where to turn. So everyone came together and created the new Kodi Add-on Phoenix. Phoenix has a mass collection of live streams and user play lists for TV shows and Movies. This add-on is
definitely worth checking out!

phoenix kodi icon


  5. Icefilms

Icefilms kodi icon

  Icefilms for Kodi is just another great "go to" video add-on in 2015. Icefilms has been around for quite sometime just as 1channel and has a lot more HD quality links then 1channel does. Icefilms is also very reliable with a wide range of links from various websites making this add-on part of my top 5 best video add-ons for kodi in 2015

best kodi addons in 2015


Best Kodi / Xbmc addons for 2015

 6. Pulsar

xbmcTorrent Pulsar for kodi 

  Check out another great Video add-on for Kodi Called Pulsar. Pulsar is the best torrent streaming add-on for Kodi replacing recent add-on, XbmcTorrent. Read more here.

  Well that Concludes my list of Top 5 Kodi Video Add-ons in 2015. Please lets us know if you think there are any other video add-ons that should be added to this list. keep in mind that this list is just for video add-ons that are common, reliable and easy to use for Kodi in 2015. Cheers!

Eric Jefferson
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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

XBMC Torrent for KODI 2015 " Pulsar"

Pulsar icon pic As we all know, XBMCtorrent add-on is now discontinued and will not work with Kodi 14 Helix. Xbmc add-ons come and go all the time and with the extinction of Xbmc becoming more of an a reality everyday, we will all be turning to the new and imporved Xbmc Kodi.

  So what about all of us users that want to stream torrents through Kodi and not have to be sucked into the annoying universe of dead links like all the other Video add-ons? Well that would lead us into using the new torrent streaming add-on called Pulsar.

  Pulsar is a torrent finding and streaming engine for Kodi. Pulsar add-on itself doesnt go on torrent web sites but instead uses other add-ons called Providers within Kodi to stream torrents from various websites.

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

XBMC changes name to Kodi 14

XBMC Media Center is happy to announce that they willing be changing the name of their media software to Kodi “Helix” 14 instead of XBMC 14.

The Name XBMC has been around since 2008 and the team has decided to finally rename it one last time. Many reasons have lead them to change names witch include legal problems with Xbox and the fact that XBMC has really nothing to do with the Xbox platform anymore.

As of September 18th 2014, XBMC Gotham is still your best version of XBMC but be prepared for the final release of Kodi 14 in the near future. All of your beloved add-ons that worked with XBMC Gotham should still work in Kodi 14.

If you would like to try Kodi 14 check out the Kodi 14.0 “Helix” alpha3 release from here

Take a look at the Kodi 14 Review Demo

Check out the Best Android Mini PC for XBMC in 2014! 

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Media Hint no longer a free service

Media hint not free

  Well this may be a sad day for people who use the amazing Firefox/Chrome add-on, Media Hint. Unfortunately Media Hint is no longer a free service! For those of you who don't know what Media Hint is, Media Hint is an online Vpn service add-on for your browser that allows you to access restricted sites in your country.

  So I bet your wondering what the next best alternative to Media Hint is??? There are a few good ones out there but I have found that "Hola" is the best free Vpn service on the web today! I've been using Hola for quiet some time now and if you read any of my other posts you'll see that I have been recommending it a lot especially on how to access Pandora Radio and "Spotify outside of the U.S."

  Hola add-on can be used with Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Windows, Android, Safari, Mac OS X!  Hola Can help you access a mass amount of services that may not be available in your country such as Pandora Radio, Hulu, Spotify, Netflix, BBC, MTV and many more! It is very easy to setup and start using. All you have to do is go to the Hola website, download the add-on and choose what service you want to access! Also works very well on the Android O.S.

 So I hope I've lightened up your day by introducing you to the best free Vpn service on the web today! If you have any free Vpns that work well, feel free to let us know and like us on Facebook for updated tutorials.

Need a Tutorial on how to use Hola? Check out "How to get Spotify in Canada" and "Pandora Radio App in Canada". Both tutorials explain how to use and setup Hola. Cheers!

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Monday, March 24, 2014

Reddit on Xbmc equals amazing!

Reddit videos add-on for xbmc

   When I first came across it didn't take me very long to fall in love with the amazing community and amount of quality content. The idea of sharing great content with the world and being part of the discussion was huge for me.Whenever I need a good laugh or want to catch up on the newest world news I am sucked right back to Reddit. So when I discovered there was an Reddit add-on for Xbmc I was even more obsessed with the greatness of Xbmc and their open source Media Center. Now I can watch Reddit Videos while relaxing on my sofa with a cold beer!

  Reddit add-on for Xbmc is Called Reddit Videos and can be installed from the the Super Repo Repository. Download Super Repo here or add this source to Xbmc  ""

 Once you have added Super Repo to Xbmc, go to "get add-ons",  "Super Repo Video", and then "video add-ons". Then look for Reddit videos and install. Make sure to add your Reddit email and password in the add-on settings!

  Reddit Videos is not anywhere near a top Xbmc plugin for the average user, but if you like Reddit then I recommend  trying this add-on out. Here is what you can expect on Reddit Videos for Xbmc:

Reddit Videos Category Xbmc


Reddit videos for Xbmc

video add-on Reddit videos Xbmc email

  Let us know how this add-on works for you and if your having any issues getting it working. Cheers!
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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Can Feature Points make you Money?

  So I have been Very interested in this app called Feature Points because of all the attention its getting lately and wanted to briefly talk about it. Feature Points is an app for the IOS or Android platform that lets the user accumulate points by trying out free apps. When the user reaches enough points he or she can then exchange those points for prizes. Prizes consist of paid apps, Amazon gift cards, iTunes gift cards, Pay Pal gift cards and more.
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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Listen to Spotify in Canada

Listen to spotify in canada artwork    Spotify is a growing online radio service that was first launched in 2008. With already an astounding 20 million users, why not give this Pandora like radio service a try!

   Unfortunately just like every other great online service, Spotify is Restricted in Canada. So your out of luck right? No, your not!! Spotify just like Pandora radio, is very simple to access in Canada.

  So I am going to show you the best way to listen to Spotify in Canada for Free on the PC!! With a free add-on for Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox called Hola. There will be no paid proxy servies needed for this method of listening to Spotify in Canada!

  The First method of listening to Spotify in Canada will be demonstrated with the Spotify Web player version. ( Not the PC downloaded App). I will talk about the PC application after.

Listen to Spotify in Canada in Five Steps: 


Download the free add-on Here

 Step 1

 First you will need to download Hola, a free add-on for Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Either one works well so its up to you which browser you like better. I am going to use Hola with Chrome.

Step 2

  Then you will be prompted to make a free account or sign in with Google Plus or Facebook. Don't worry its Free!

hola in Chrome

Step 3

  Once your logged in click on Spotify like shown above. Then click on unblocking rule at the top of the page as shown below. Then Click Access

Hola in chrome

 Step 4

    Once you have clicked Access you will be brought to the Spotify Homepage.

  Now you might think that you should click download, but Do Not. Your going to wanna click on Log in and then Sign up at the top right corner of the page.
Spotify home page

  Make sure to Not log in with Facebook because Facebook gives out your location. 

Step 5 

  Once your successfully signed up you will be logged in and brought to your profile page. That is a good sign that everything has went well.

  Next you will need to navigate to the Spotify Web Player instead of downloading the PC application version. (We will talk about the PC app later). To access the web player version of Spotify you can search for it on Google or click here

Spoitfy web app login

Spotify web app

     When you arrive to  just click "Already have an account? Log in here."  Then log in with your username and password. Now you can Listen to Spotify in Canada!

  Having trouble getting Spotify working? Try watching the Video

Spotify web player

Listen to Spotify with the PC Application:

 Now the only reason I have waited until the end of this post to talk about the PC app is because its a little more Tricky.

The downloaded PC version of Spotify will only work for 14 days when using it in Canada. Unless you have a proxy running, after 14 days you will be unable to listen to Spotify in Canada. This is what Spotify says:
"If you’re hitting the road, you’ll want your tunes by your side.
Spotify Free users travelling abroad can log in for up to 14 days. After this you’ll need to log in from your registered country to keep listening.
Going away longer? You might consider a Spotify subscription so you can have both ad-free listening and no travel limits.
With Spotify Premium you can also listen to your playlists offline. Just be sure to log in online at least once every 30 days.
Read more about how to travel with Spotify in our Travel Guide."

  So the only way you can get around this is by logging into your Spotify account with Hola every couple weeks otherwise the only way would be to buy a subscription.

 So this concludes my walk-through on How to Listen to Spotify in Canada. I hope this method has worked for you. If you have any questions or better ways of listening to Spotify in Canada please let us know in the comments. Cheers!!

By Eric Jefferson
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Friday, March 7, 2014

Top 5 Xbmc Add-ons in 2014

top 5 addons for xbmc

  Xbmc is becoming more and more popular these days especially  with its ability to install 100's of add-ons to watch Movies and TV shows for free. So I thought I would make a list of the top 5 Xbmc add-ons I use in 2014.

  I have also included the URL http source for all add-ons. If you don't know how to add http source to Xbmc Watch the video below. If you are new to Xbmc I would also advise you to read this article " how to setup your Xbmc media center " by justin pot.

How to install add-ons from URL:




1. Navi-X    Navi-x add-on for Xbmc is first on my list because it has an enormous amount of content scraped from all over the web! Not only does Navi-x have a massive collection of movies and TV shows it also has a vast majority of live streaming TV channels from all over the world! Navi-x is very reliable and when I can't find something I wanna watch I always revert to this unique add-on. 

(Update 4/14/2014 ) - Navi-x is currently undergoing server upgrades and may not be working for some. Navi-x Team estimates completion in mid April 2014.

Navi-x screen shot


2. Mashup  Mashup add-on for Xbmc is second on my list because like Navi-x not only does it have a lot of content, its very neatly organized. Some categories it has that I like is HD movies, 3D movies, Documentaries, Live streams, Sports and Kids zone! Definitely a must have add-on for Xbmc in 2014!

Mashup screen shot


3. 1Channel  1Channel add-on for Xbmc is Third because for me its an reliable source for new TV shows and Movies that are updated very quickly everyday. 1Channel add-on has been around for a long time and it categorizes Movies and TV shows. As of 03/07/2014 1Channel add-on is based on Primewire. Unfortunately 1Channel is blocked in the U.K..

1channel xbmc

Source:   (Super Repo)

4. Icefilms  Icefilms add-on for Xbmc is 4 fourth on my list for only one reason. Its the same as 1Channel except for it supplies the option for HD video source on movies and TV shows and who doesn't like an HD video over an SD video? Icefilms also has been around a long time.

icefilms xbmc


5. Veetle    Veetle add-on for Xbmc is last on my list but only because I don't use it is often as other add-ons. Still if your tired or can't think of something good to watch Veetle is great because its plays all kinds of media on auto pilot just like a TV channel Would. Its gets all of its streaming sources from Definitely a good add-on to have.

Veetle xbmc


Bonus png

6. iStream iStream add-on for Xbmc Can not be forgotten in 2014! iStream is an incredible add-on that changes the way you use Xbmc forever. this unique add-on is what we have always wanted in Xbmc. iStream has thousands of sources where it scrapes from and integrates all metadata. iStream receives movies and TV show lists from major websites like IMDB, makes your Xbmc look Slick and stylish and provides a easy navigation to what you wanna watch. I highly recommend trying out this add-on.

big bang theory xbmc


Well this concludes my Top 5 Xbmc add-ons in 2014. I hope you liked my list. If there are any add-ons I missed and think should be included please let me know!

Want to discover some more great video add-ons for Xbmc?


  Do you know any others great add-ons For Xbmc??? 
Let us know in the comments!! Don't forget to check out the 

Eric Jefferson
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