Friday, November 22, 2013

How to get Pandora Radio in Canada

Pandora radio canada

  Have you ever tried to listen to Pandora Radio in Canada or anywhere outside the U.S.? Well if you did, chances are you got rejected by a stupid letter from Pandora saying sorry we can no longer allow access to Pandora for listeners located outside of the U.S.. I can't live with that. Us Canadians should be able to access the best online radio website in the Continent with no issues. So I have done some investigating on this unfortunate event and have found the solution.
How to get pandora in canada
  Pandora Radio Does NOT only pertain to the U.S.!!  I have found a easy solution to access Pandora Radio in Canada or anywhere else outside the U.S., fast and easy. We are NOT going to use any proxies or vpns. All we will use is one simple add-on for Firefox or Chrome, called Media Hint to access  Pandora radio in Canada for Free!!


Get Pandora Radio in Canada for free in 2 Steps:


Step 1 


pandora with out a vpn
 The first thing you will need to do is download Media hint add-on for Google chrome or Firefox web browser.Then make sure its enabled in your Firefox or Chrome extensions as shown. Once enabled you are ready to listen to Pandora Radio in Canada. 

Download Media Hint Here


Step 2

  Now head over to and register a free account. If you need a U.S. zip code you can grab one from here. That was easy right? Just TWO SIMPLE STEPS!

Media Hint Logo  What Media Hint does is spoofs your i.p address and tricks U.S. content websites into thinking you live in the U.S.. Media Hint Add-on also allows you to access Hulu, Netflix, MTV, NBC, CBS, FOX, BBC iPlayer, Songza, Discovery, Southpark and much MORE! Access in any Country Outside of the U.S. with Media Hint.

If you need detailed instructions watch the YouTube video
"How to get Pandora Radio in Canada"  In my opinion this way of 
listening to Pandora Radio in Canada is the the easiest. You do not have to use any proxies, vpns or technical I.P blocking programs that cost money. I do recommend disabling media hint when you are not using it because it can slow down web browsing within the browser if left enabled. My fix for this issue was to use Media Hint only with Chrome and use Firefox for my everyday browsing. I hope this tutorial on how to get Pandora radio in Canada has helped you achieve access fast and easy. Enjoy listening to Pandora radio. Cheers!!

Eric Jefferson

  (UPDATE) - Media Hint is no longer a free service. Discover the best free alternative to Media Hint here


Want Pandora Radio on your phone?


 Learn how to get Pandora Radio App in Canada! - Click here


 Do you know any other ways of getting Pandora Radio in Canada?



  1. WOW. Thank you so much for sharing this. All the others ways cost money

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  3. Works very well in Chrome. thanks.

  4. Media hint is no longer free!!!

    1. Thanks for the update on Media Hint. Its to bad such a good service has to start charging but I guess that's Just how it is these days. A free alternative to Media hint that I strongly recommend is called Hola. Lets hope they don't start charging as well.....

  5. I don’t see Pandora coming to Canada anytime soon. However, there are plenty of workarounds available to access it here in Canada. Personally, I use UnoTelly for more than a year and I can access Pandora radio like I am in USA.

  6. You can access pandora in uk, australia, canada or anywhere by using vpn

  7. "we wont be using any proxies or vpns"
    "download this vpn"

  8. Hi All,
    The best way to access Pandora from all over the world is to use VPN. I personally use VPN and enjoy radio it the safe,secure and in budget way to get Pandora from anywhere in the world.

  9. VPN is the best way to access Pandora in UK,Canada,Australia or any other region of the world.

  10. VPN is the best way to access Pandora in UK,Canada,Australia or any other region of the world.

  11. Whenever I am out of the state I use VPN to access Pandora I use this guide for VPN and found useful information and comprehensive details about VPN services

  12. Wow! I've installed Pandora app after reading this pandora or iheartradio but was afraid that I'll have to delete it because I often go to Canada. And then I've found your tutorial. I'me really thankful to you; it helped me a lot!

  13. This is now becoming world wide app which is using rapidly because of it's use. People know that pandora or iheartradio is the lastest version which is helping greatly to all the people in this field so thanks for the blog.