Wednesday, March 11, 2015

XBMC Torrent for KODI 2015 " Pulsar"

Pulsar icon pic As we all know, XBMCtorrent add-on is now discontinued and will not work with Kodi 14 Helix. Xbmc add-ons come and go all the time and with the extinction of Xbmc becoming more of an a reality everyday, we will all be turning to the new and imporved Xbmc Kodi.

  So what about all of us users that want to stream torrents through Kodi and not have to be sucked into the annoying universe of dead links like all the other Video add-ons? Well that would lead us into using the new torrent streaming add-on called Pulsar.

  Pulsar is a torrent finding and streaming engine for Kodi. Pulsar add-on itself doesnt go on torrent web sites but instead uses other add-ons called Providers within Kodi to stream torrents from various websites.


  Setup of Pulsar is quite easy just download the Unofficial Kodi Repo here or and install it like you would with any other Repo. Once installed go to Get add-ons then click on Pulsar Unofficial repo and navigate to Video add-ons and Install Pulsar.

Pulsar install add-on

Pulsar install add-on

Next your going to want to install some providers by going back to Get Add-ons then Unofficial Repo and Programs. From there choose the Torrent web site you would like Pulsar to Stream From.

Kodi Pulsar torrents

Last Step it to make sure that have set "all programs on this system to control Kodi" in Services under Remote Control.

remote control settings in kodi

Now the Installion of Pulsar is complete. Navigate to Video add-ons and start up Pulsar. It will take a few seconds to buffer the stream depending on your internet connection but once it starts it will be flawless.

Pulsar buffering in kodi

 If you have any trouble installing or using Pulsar check out the official thread here at the kodi community form.


  1. Unfortunately Pulsar does not support Android on ARM. Still waiting for this.

  2. Followed the guide exactly for Helix, however I'm getting a script error. This occurs with iStream too though for some reason. I'm new to this, so it's perplexing.

    Thanks for taking the time to explain the steps at either rate!


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