Sunday, March 15, 2015

Top 5 Kodi Video Add-ons in 2015

top 5 kodi video add-ons

 Kodi 14 Helix formerly ''XBMC'' is a free open-source media player that is becoming more and more popular everyday with its amazing compatibility, features and of course add-ons. There is a mass collection of add-ons for kodi that sometimes makes it hard to find the best ones. Here is my list of the Top 5 Kodi Video Add-ons in 2015.

 As always I Have included the URL HTTP Source for all video Add-ons listed. If you don't know how to add the HTTP source to Kodi watch the video below.

How to install Add-ons from URL:

1. 1Channel

1channel kodi icon
  1Channel Add-on for kodi has been around from the beginning of the Xbmc days and is Still one of my top Add-ons used daily because of it liability and ease of use. 1channel has a huge variety of Movies and TV shows that are updated daily with lots of links to choose from. 1channel currently runs of the Primewire server Unfortunately 1Channel is blocked in the UK. 

1channel kodi


2. Genesis

genesis kodi iconGenesis Add-on for Kodi is almost like 1Channel with TV shows and Movies. Definitely a must have second Add-on to 1Channel. Genesis has a few more features then 1Channel and larger list of links for streams. Genesis Also included Hd Links. Genesis hasn't been around for very long but sure has proved it self in the world of kodi video add-ons. Genesis makes second best in my Top 5 Kodi Video Add-ons in 2015

genesis kodi 2015


 3. Navi-X

Navi-x kodi icon   Navi-X is one of the oldest third party add-ons for Xbmc and is still a widely used add-on used in Kodi. Navi-X is currently running on version 4.0 and works very well in Kodi 14 helix. Navi-X is running on new servers in 2015 and has faster waiting times then previous versions. Navi-X ranks third in my list of top 5 Kodi video add-ons because of its massive collection of Movies, TV shows and Live Streams from all around the world. definitely a great tool for streaming that hard to find content.

navix for kodi


4. Phoenix

Phoenix icon kodiPhoenix Add-on for Kodi is the newest live streaming add-on in 2015 replacing is predecessor Mash Up. Mash Up add-on for Xbmc retired in late 2014 thus leaving dedicated playlist makers with no where to turn. So everyone came together and created the new Kodi Add-on Phoenix. Phoenix has a mass collection of live streams and user play lists for TV shows and Movies. This add-on is
definitely worth checking out!

phoenix kodi icon


  5. Icefilms

Icefilms kodi icon

  Icefilms for Kodi is just another great "go to" video add-on in 2015. Icefilms has been around for quite sometime just as 1channel and has a lot more HD quality links then 1channel does. Icefilms is also very reliable with a wide range of links from various websites making this add-on part of my top 5 best video add-ons for kodi in 2015

best kodi addons in 2015


Best Kodi / Xbmc addons for 2015

 6. Pulsar

xbmcTorrent Pulsar for kodi 

  Check out another great Video add-on for Kodi Called Pulsar. Pulsar is the best torrent streaming add-on for Kodi replacing recent add-on, XbmcTorrent. Read more here.

  Well that Concludes my list of Top 5 Kodi Video Add-ons in 2015. Please lets us know if you think there are any other video add-ons that should be added to this list. keep in mind that this list is just for video add-ons that are common, reliable and easy to use for Kodi in 2015. Cheers!

Eric Jefferson
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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

XBMC Torrent for KODI 2015 " Pulsar"

Pulsar icon pic As we all know, XBMCtorrent add-on is now discontinued and will not work with Kodi 14 Helix. Xbmc add-ons come and go all the time and with the extinction of Xbmc becoming more of an a reality everyday, we will all be turning to the new and imporved Xbmc Kodi.

  So what about all of us users that want to stream torrents through Kodi and not have to be sucked into the annoying universe of dead links like all the other Video add-ons? Well that would lead us into using the new torrent streaming add-on called Pulsar.

  Pulsar is a torrent finding and streaming engine for Kodi. Pulsar add-on itself doesnt go on torrent web sites but instead uses other add-ons called Providers within Kodi to stream torrents from various websites.

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