Monday, December 23, 2013

Elementary Blogger templates upset me

  So I have been experimenting with for quite some time now and theres just something I can't understand....

  Why are the templates supplied by so elementary? Why do they seem so cheap? And why are they so hard to customize?I mean the basic principle is there and the issue could be fixed very easy so why? Why Blogger ? Why must you make everything so difficult? Unlike Blogger,  has gathered a massive selection of templates that are even SEO ready and look mature and professional.

 Well I guess I will never know but luckily there's a way to acquire more professional templates for blogger. Today I did a search on Google for professional blogger templates then found great results on a site called On this website they have a blog post on the top 15 best blogger templates. The first template I tried was called "Responsive" and it is now the template I use for this blog! The template is a zipped file so all you will need to do is unzip it with Winrar. Then go to the blogger dashboard and click on template. On the right side of the page it will say Back up / Restore click on that and then upload the xml template file and your done.

 I found this template very easy to use and customize. It also helped me rank better in Google search and who doesn't want that!!!!!

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