Monday, March 24, 2014

Reddit on Xbmc equals amazing!

Reddit videos add-on for xbmc

   When I first came across it didn't take me very long to fall in love with the amazing community and amount of quality content. The idea of sharing great content with the world and being part of the discussion was huge for me.Whenever I need a good laugh or want to catch up on the newest world news I am sucked right back to Reddit. So when I discovered there was an Reddit add-on for Xbmc I was even more obsessed with the greatness of Xbmc and their open source Media Center. Now I can watch Reddit Videos while relaxing on my sofa with a cold beer!

  Reddit add-on for Xbmc is Called Reddit Videos and can be installed from the the Super Repo Repository. Download Super Repo here or add this source to Xbmc  ""

 Once you have added Super Repo to Xbmc, go to "get add-ons",  "Super Repo Video", and then "video add-ons". Then look for Reddit videos and install. Make sure to add your Reddit email and password in the add-on settings!

  Reddit Videos is not anywhere near a top Xbmc plugin for the average user, but if you like Reddit then I recommend  trying this add-on out. Here is what you can expect on Reddit Videos for Xbmc:

Reddit Videos Category Xbmc


Reddit videos for Xbmc

video add-on Reddit videos Xbmc email

  Let us know how this add-on works for you and if your having any issues getting it working. Cheers!

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