Monday, April 11, 2016

Ares Wizard URL Updated!

url for ares wizard updated
  Ares Wizard may be the most powerful tool to Kodi enthusiasts in 2016! Ares Wizard is a program add-on for Kodi that enables the user to install custom builds of Kodi as well as individual add-ons, tweaks and more. Customs builds of Kodi are great because they come pre compiled with the best add-ons, live streams and custom skins.

  As we all know Kodi is a never ending updatable open source App and with a vast community of building add-ons, of coarse you will need to update once in awhile

  Installing Ares Wizard in Kodi is easy as typing a short url into the file manager with in Kodi.

How to Install Ares Wizard 

1.) Open kodi and navigate to the "File Manager", then double click on "Add Source"

how to add ares wizard to kodi

2.) Type in the new source for Ares Wizard

Ares Wizard URL Update:

how to install ares wizard

3.) Then Navigate to "System" then "Add-ons" and click Install from zip file.

ares wizard url updated

4.) Click on "Aw_zip" and press ok. Then click on "". Ares wizard will then take a few moments to appear in your program add-ons.

 5.) Once Ares wizard appears in your program add-ons installation is complete! 

how to install ares wizard kodi 2016

  If you have not already tried the custom build called The Beast 1.6  you should give it a try!
Here is what it looks like:

ares wizard the beast 1.6

the beast 1.6 for kodi jarvis

  I hope you enjoy the Ares wizard for Kodi in 2016. I have tested The Beast 1.6 on the Mac, PC and Minix android box. It seems like most platforms have no problem running these builds as long as you install on a fresh, untouched install of Kodi. If not problems will occur.