Monday, February 24, 2014

Royalty Free Background Music for youtube

Background Music for youtube As we all know, Background music in YouTube videos gives off the feeling off professionalism and engagement. These days film making can become very costly and finding good background music can be strenuous because of YouTube copyright laws. So when using background music in your videos you always have to make sure that you have the proper rights to the audio tracks you use or you may be hit with some nasty royalty fees and a banned YouTube account.

  YouTube does provide some pretty nice royalty free background music in the creation tools part of your account, under Dashboard as shown below. "Check it out here." As of now, YouTube only has around 150 tracks in there free collection so if your looking for more of a selection you are out of luck. 

youtube audio library

   - Click here for YouTube audio library -

  So what are your options? Well if you make your own music, then your in clear but the chances of your music being the type of genre you want in your YouTube video is very UN-common. Most of time, Background music you want in your videos would be an Instrumental with out singing and lyrics.

  You could use music from a artist you like but chances are you don't have the rights to track and if you don't get the proper permission and rights, you will get your YouTube account hit with a strike!

   Lets face it the only way to get good high quality music in your YouTube videos is to find Royalty free background music on the internet!

  Now like I said, YouTube does have some decent royalty free background music but not a vast majority and sometimes the background music sounds a bit cheap and over played.

  Top 5 Websites for Royalty Free Background Music

  1. Sound Cloud -  Sound cloud is an online community of people who upload there own music (mostly electronic,techno, hip-hop) and sometimes you can find Royalty free music there or you could just ask an artist if it would be alright to use their tracks in your YouTube videos. Most people don't mind as long as you give them credit and link back to their page.
  2. Incompetech - Incompetech Has a lot of really good background music and almost all are royalty free you just have to put the name of the creator in your videos credits read the rules on the site.
  3. Free Sound Track Music -  Free sound track music has some cool texture background music. just make sure you use the songs that are Free and read the licensing rules.
  4. YouTube - YouTube has millions of uploads a day and a lot of those uploads are music files. a lot of artists upload there music to YouTube and if you find something you like chances are the artist won't mind you using there song as long as you ask for permission. Its kinda like free advertising for them. Just make sure to give them credit.
  5. Background Band Music - Real guitars, drums, pianos, Background band music is really a unique website if you like real sounding band background music in your videos. There is a lot to choose from and only a small one time fee of $5.00. I really recommend this one if you like realistic Proffessional music in your YouTube videos.

  My favorite website that I use a lot is Background Band Music.They make all the music themselves so every track is Royalty Free.They have 100's of tracks to choose from and there is only a one time small fee to access the boat load of Background music. In my opinion Background Band Music a pretty good deal for Professional sounding music in your YouTube videos. You wouldn't want to Shoot a great video and then ruin it with cheap sounding music would you?

Since I've been using background band music on my videos I have been getting  lots of comments on where to find that type of music and it seems like it has made my videos  more professional and engaging to watch. In the end background band music has definitely helped me with getting more likes to my YouTube videos.

  I highly recommend this website. Go get your Royalty Free Background band Music NOW!.  Click Here! 

  P.S. If there is any other good sites for downloading Royalty free background music for YouTube that I have not listed, feel free to leave your finds in the comments section. Tutorialxware is a growing blog and any good content is welcome.

Eric Jefferson


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